We scanned in the 9 pages of ads run by Friends of Michael Rossman and have been getting some help with the translations so that we can thoughtfully respond. You don’t need to read Yiddish to see that these ads are meant to be scary and fear mongering.

You can click on the images below to see the larger scan. If you have any corrections or comments regarding what they say so that we can better reply please Contact Us.

First: The Truth

  1. Bill Weber is independent of Preserve Ramapo. He is not a Preserve Ramapo candidate nor has he ever been Preserve Ramapo candidate or member of Preserve Ramapo.
  2. Bill Weber is independent of Ramapo Town Hall. This is why they are spending so much money to fight him with so many ads.
  3. Bill Weber is not trying to take over Town Hall. He is just trying to be a single independent member of the board committed to thinking and voting independently and more importantly creating a line of communications between Town Hall and the residents of Ramapo.

Pages 166-167: Wolf v Lamb

These two pages are designed to be a side by side comparison depicting Bill Weber as the bad guy (wolf) and Michael Rossman as the good guy there to protect the ultra orthodox (sheep).

2016-11-03-p167-wolf-to-lamb-rightNon observant Jews are not interested in understanding the ultra orthodox community. This is a baloney self serving comment to make. Any rational person committed to representing all the residents of Ramapo has to be willing to have respect and understanding for all residents of Ramapo and that respect and understanding has to be fostered across the board to EVERYONE.

Bill Weber is part of a movement to subjugate the “community” to the gentiles. This is beyond ludicrous and is actually slanderous.


2016-11-03-p166-wolf-to-lamb-leftBill Weber is using the Internet to run a wild hatred against the religious congregation in which he does not hold himself back from instigating the masses to use acts of violence against our congregation.

There are only two components of the Internet that are being used for the Weber campaign. This website and the Bill Weber for Ramapo Town Council facebook page. Anyone who looks at every page and every post related to the Weber 4 Ramapo campaign will see just how big a lie this statement is.

The campaign is about how one man can make small but important changes to the Town government. Weber’s objectives should be shared by all communities, including the ultra-orthodox communities. The biggest lies is that Bill is inciting acts of violence; this is pure propaganda designed to suppress voters.

Throughout the elections two years ago (Ward Referendum) he organized a criminal campaign to jam the telephone system of the voting committee of the holy congregations of Monsey.  In reaction to his own phone lines being jammed all day by anti Ward Referendum robo calls and angered by misrepresentations on the phone bank, Bill Weber did post an email to a small email group suggesting people call in an jam the phone bank. It was a minor mistake and not in anyway, shape or form a campaign. Just a stupid comment that didn’t amount to anything.

Bill Weber was chosen by the county executive who is working hard to take over the Town Board to expand his persecution of the community. This is slanderous comment both to Ed Day in addition to Bill Weber. Bill Weber is a completely independent candidate who ran in 2015 as a republican, with a registered independent and a registered democrat for Town Hall. He was selected by the Ramapo republicans in this last minute race because he was willing and able. Bill Weber owes no allegiance to Ed Day who hasn’t even publicly endorsed Mr. Weber.

Bill Weber was chosen by the sad and infamous Preserve Ramapo group who are responsible for upheaval including attacks on Medicaid fraud. This odd statement seems to be designed to imply that somehow Bill Weber can do something about Medicaid fraud if he is elected to the Ramapo Town Council. Medicaid is solely overseen by the county and is not a local Town issue so this is just a bizarre statement. And Bill Weber is not a Preserve Ramapo candidate.

Pages 164-165

This two page piece is just one bogeyman tale after another.

2016-11-03-p164-hammer-fbi-leftIt talks about Preserve Ramapo’s frightening new tactic lately to persecute the observant ultra orthodox community is to snitch to the FBI and justice department and get them to arrest those politicians who are loyal to the G_d fearing community. 

After sinning in Town and searching high and low with candles to find something to hook onto the FBI can’t find anything to prove that anyone has taken bribes from G_d fearing Jews.

Never the less the Town officials who refuse to hop onto the Preserve Ramapo wagon of hate and persecution against the G_d feating community got arrested in false trumped up charges in the same way as Rasbasken (sp?) 

The existing Town election is the direct outcome of such a debased tactic (obviously referring to the arrest of Samuel Tress). if they win it will give them more will to go against the heimishe community. 

2016-11-03-p165-hammer-fbi-rightThere is a long description of the disciplinary case against the Rockland County human rights commissioner Nagubandi that they claim was instigated by his refusing to address the concerns of the black people in Spring Valley being over the hanging of Hamen in effigy.

They go on to bad mouth the county executive for protesting this practice and claim that this situation was used to incite communities against the ultra orthodox.

The county executive ask Nagubundi to open a civil rights investigation against the community but Nagubundi refused to hop on the nag wagon. Nagubundi recognized that the effigy was a tradition and not targets to embarrass others. Because Nagubundi would not do this, he was brought up on disciplinary charges and fired.

The piece goes on to tell of the “horrifying testimony” about Ed Day told Nagabundi that he shouldn’t be going out of his way to foster the growth of the community by giving them too many grants.

Finally it wraps up with a statement that “we can’t allow Preserve Ramapo to benefit from the evil campaign against government official who dare to be honest to the community”.

This crazy two page piece designed to reinforce feelings of persecution among the ultra orthodox is crazy on many levels. The craziest thing is what on earth does any of it relate to Bill Weber and his interest in joining the Board of the Town of Ramapo. This piece along with the others just goes to prove that a decent honest independent man can’t run a good decent independent campaign for Town Board. This was one of the biggest reasons that so many residents in the Town of Ramapo support the Ward Referendum. How can any one expect to ever win when the bloc vote is fed selective truths coupled with massive lies?

What is true is that in 2015 Christopher St. Lawrence ran a known felon – Samuel Tress – who didn’t live in the Town of Ramapo who had been on the Zoning Board of Appeals and who didn’t abide by the law and recuse himself when he voted on a project in which he had a major financial interest and now Tress is gone. That arrest had nothing to do with the FBI and nothing to do with the justice department and nothing to do with the county executive.

There is an opening for Town Hall and Bill Weber is running again in a campaign that he has organized himself and without the help or involvement of Preserve Ramapo. Their fear proves just how important it is to get an independent elected to Town Hall.

Pages 32-33

The two pages are written as if it is an appeal from Michael Rossman to his brethren asking for them to come out and vote for him.

2016-11-03-p169-town-logo-rightThe piece waxes poetic about the growth of Monsey due to people leaving the city for a better quality of life where the orthodox community is welcome. It recognizes that the last few years have led to an imbalance in Ramapo that is disturbing the modern orthodox community who have been in Ramapo for many years and want the more rural type of Town life. And that the community of observant Jews who want less overdevelopment don’t have representation on the board and Michael Rossman will be their representative who will create balance for all representative.

The piece states that Rossman will work hard to build the infrastructure needed to handle the high growth and will at the same time try to preserve the surrounding villages for those who want the rural areas but who will benefit from living next to a growing community.

Rossman promises to be a straightforward Town councilman who is loyal to no party or individual. Rossman bills himself as the unity candidate who will work to bring peace and harmony.

2016-11-03-p168-town-logo-leftThen the Rossman piece turns to Bill Weber who is “a member of the sad Preserve Ramapo group” who is riding the wave of negative feelings of the non-Jewish population against the Jewish populations. Then he talks about how the federal attacks and arrests are throwing a shadow over things and that he is a representative of all of Ramapo.

One could simply say its all bull and leave it at that but certain statements can and should be made. Bill Weber is running as an independent.

Bill Weber has demonstrated his commitment to unity by actually traveling throughout Ramapo during the 2015 campaign and during this 2016 campaign. He has accepted every invitation to meet and talk with constituents and even call Mr. Rossman to ask him to help coordinate a debate; not only did Rossman not work to have a debate, he did not show up at the JCC Meet the Candidate event, the Spring Valley NAACP Meet the candidate event, or the Montebello Jewish Center Meet the Candidate event. Bill Weber sent the same mailer to all the different communities and included Spanish, Creole and even Yiddish (albeit poorly translated).

Bill Weber is running on a platform that is open to all residents who just want someone to do the work of government and earn their money being on the council. The modern orthodox community in the immediate neighborhood of Mr. Rossman are beside themselves and are aghast at how the Town of Ramapo doesn’t even enforce its own laws and watch in horror as illegal Yeshivas are popping up like mushrooms without public notice or even proper planning board reviews throughout the community. Bill Weber has come out in support of the same modern orthodox community that Rossman claims to represent and support while Rossman stayed home and remains uninvolved.

Page 170

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Pages 168-169

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