Get Out the Vote!

  • Apathy – that feeling that nothing will ever change – is the true enemy.  
  • The Ward Referendum vote we proved that we can make a difference at the polls by focusing on core good government principles that are shared by everyone across Ramapo. 
  • No exaggeration! This is a great opportunity to finally get an true independent representative on the Town Board that can be trusted to work for all the hard working tax payers who are exasperated by the out of control financial problems caused by sixteen years of the St. Lawrence administration. 
  • It is time to focus on the issues that unite Ramapo rather than the rhetoric that divides Ramapo!
  • It is time for a truly independent and qualified candidate to be elected to the Town Board.

 What can you do? Get Involved! Volunteer!!

  • FlyerHandoutLEARN ABOUT THE ISSUES. Stop focusing on urban legends. There is enough fact based problems in Town Hall that you don’t need to waste your energy blaming other voters. It is time for you to learn facts and work together to fix real problems. Understand the issues and understand the value of voting for someone ready to roll up his sleeves to make a difference.
  • BE A CHEERLEADER. When you encounter someone who has given up. Your job is to give them hope and energy.
  • TALK ABOUT THE ELECTION. You need to talk about this. Frequently. At school functions, at sports games, at cocktail parties.
  • VOLUNTEER. We need help handing out flyers in front of stores, at events, and in churches. We need people willing to walk in teams to canvass neighborhoods and leave door hangers on doors. We NEED POLL WATCHERS!!!
  • EMAIL EVERYONE. Don’t be shy, email your friends. Sign up for our email list and when you get an update, forward it to all your friends.
  • LIKE the Facebook page and choose to get updates.
  • JOIN the Facebook voting day event and when you are on the page INVITE YOUR FRIENDS.
  • INVITE your friends and neighbors to one of the local informational sessions.
  • DONATE NOW. We need money to keep making flyers, signs, hand outs and pay for facebook ads and newspaper ads.



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