Issues that Unite Us

Any Candidate that runs under the Ramapo United umbrella must commit to:

  • treat all Ramapo residents fairly & equitably
  • provide honest, transparent & efficient government
  • restore fiscal responsibility in Ramapo
  • enforce all zoning laws and minimize variances
  • make zoning, planning and building procedure easy to follow and clear to all builders
  • promote the formation of a Ward system of representation in Ramapo
  • audit town’s and RLDC finances, town assessments and town permitting fees and procedures to find out where there may be problems
  • share the results of all audits with the public in a proactive manner
  • formulate a plan to fix the problems found.

Why vote for Bill Weber?


The Town of Ramapo:

  • Has very serious Financial Problems
  • Has been downgraded again by Moody’s
  • Has high level employees arrested specifically related to their actions related to the Town by the FBI, by the SEC and by the local District Attorney.
  • Has to resort to gag orders to control Town Employees
  • Actively ignores the will of the residents:
    • turning down petitions for the ward referendum,
    • ignoring the vote against the ball park
  • Supports high density development in the middle of low density villages
    • Nike Property
    • Patrick Farm
    • Monsey Lumber
  • Has changed laws right and left to accommodate overdevelopment:
    • 2 changes to the Scenic District Road Law,
    • changed to architectural review law,
    • changed to the drainage laws,
    • changed to the distance between buildings law and now,
  • Built the Elm Street Building project which was a fiasco
  • Built Boulder Stadium rather than maintaining open space or building affordable housing, or even schools that are needed