What difference can one person make?

You may think its not exciting to elect a single independent to the board but that just means you’re not thinking it through.

A single person committed to speaking up for transparent, honest governance can be a difference maker. Regardless of any person’s opinion or the supporters they represent, the most important features of good governance is a willingness to share information before and after big decisions are made, a willingness to stand up to other opinions with reasoned logic based on facts. A single person can bring a different point of view to the table and give confidence to others who might agree but were afraid to be voice a single different opinion.

Bill Weber is a CPA with operational experience running businesses and who has been engaged and committed to public service. He is committed to maintaining an open communication with the public from all corners of Ramapo, from all walks of life and from every community.

There is no risk of a board takeover so there is no downside to voting for an independent voice of reason, only upside.

Please actively help to vote in a someone ready to make a difference.