As the Ramapo United and the Weber 4 Ramapo campaign learned late last week, Mona Montal revved up the Ramapo Democratic donation engine to get large developer donations to pay for mailers and ads and handouts to get Rossman elected. Now copies of various postcards and ads are being forwarded to the Weber campaign. Ramapo United is committed to backing candidates that are committed equally to all residents of Ramapo based on the principals of transparency and openness in running government operations, of commitment to consistent and fair enforcement of Town code, and of doing a good job with the accounting and operations of the Town. What unites the residents of Ramapo are a common set of frustrations with the current administration and Ramapo residents should be united in wanting to bring about positive change.

But the powers that control Ramapo Town Hall aren’t interested in that. So how are are they trying to reach voters of different communities to back Bill Weber’s opponent on Tuesday? The answers are interesting.

First: The Truth

  1. Bill Weber is independent of Preserve Ramapo. He is not a Preserve Ramapo candidate nor has he ever been Preserve Ramapo candidate or member of Preserve Ramapo.
  2. Bill Weber is independent of Ramapo Town Hall. This is why they are spending so much money to fight him with so many ads.
  3. Bill Weber is not trying to take over Town Hall. He is just trying to be a single independent member of the board committed to thinking and voting independently and more importantly creating a line of communications between Town Hall and the residents of Ramapo.

Monsey: Modern Orthodox

rossman-to-the-modern-orthodox-back-thumbIf you live in an area of Ramapo populated by the Modern Orthodox – think of the Villages of Wesley Hills, New Hempstead, and Pomona along with the lower density areas of western Monsey –  you probably received a large post card with a positive pandering message about how Michael Rossman represents the interests of the Modern Orthodox. It’s positive piece and from all accounts it’s true that Rossman is a really nice modern orthodox man who is a great friend and neighbor, but is being nice or being orthodox enough to qualify him to be on the Town Board? No. For those frustrated by Town Hall, is he really an independent voice? No.

This pandering piece doesn’t speak to the major issues that are really tearing up our Town like over rossman-to-the-modern-orthodox-front-thumbdevelopment and the take over of residential neighbors by yeshivas without so much as a single public hearing or out of control taxation that exceeds state limits years after year. This piece doesn’t
raise a single issue that Bill Weber can’t address equally as well, or arguably better for the modern orthodox constituents. The real questions for the orthodox communities should be 1) is he really capable? 2) is he really unbiased? and 3) does he really want to do the work?

Bill Weber is the more capable of the two candidate, with deeper business experience and credentials as a CPA. Bill Weber is the more unbiased of the two because Michael Rossman owes his entire campaign to Mona Montal who helps run the Town of Ramapo and is the Chairwoman of the Ramapo Democratic Committee that has maintained the Christopher St. Lawrence power based in Town Hall, whereas Bill Weber is running his own campaign, with his own money and donations from friends, family and republicans. Remember that this postcard came from Friends of Michael Rossman and not Michael Rossman himself.

Have you ever met Michael Rossman? If you have you will know that he is a great neighbor and you will also know that he is NOT up to the job at Town Hall. Have you even been invited to a meet the candidate event? Will he take phone calls and speak to you about his interest in being a councilman? No. This is a man who refused to attend multiple community Meet the Candidate events and has not made himself available to the public because he is not running for office, he is just the front man for his good friend Mona Montal. So is he really going to work for his $35,832/yr salary or just show up and vote as he is told?

Bill Weber has a history of involvement and interest in government. He attends Town Board, Town Planning and Town Zoning meetings. Bill Weber came to this race after spending year researching Town Finances. If you search for “Bill Weber” on the Rockland County Times site you will see that he is not new to the game but rather this candidacy is a continuation of his attempts at getting to the truth of Ramapo financial problems.

Monsey Voters: Don’t vote for a rubber stamp! Vote for competence and qualifications! Vote for a united common goal, to bring sanity and honesty back to Ramapo Town Hall! Vote William Weber on Row B or Row H! 

Spring Valley: Democrats

So what key message of a flyer is being left of car window for the Democrats in Spring Valley at the last minute? Reminders to vote Line A all the way.

Those running the campaign for Rossman know that Spring Valley tends to vote across  spring-valley-vote-row-a-all-the-waythe democratic line and that is all they want anyone in Spring Valley to think about. Rossman’s name on the line is just another Democratic candidate but the Ramapo Democratic Committee is anything but Democratic.

When the time came to choose a new candidate to represent the Democrats in Ramapo, the executive committee already chose Michael Rossman and when their secretive tactics proved illegal, they connived to make it legal by pushing their decision down the throats of the rest of the committee members.

Rossman did not deserve this nomination – he has no history of involvement of political involvement, no local community activism, no attendance at Town Board meetings, and no interest in meeting with any of the local voters. Where is the post card explaining what he wants to do for Spring Valley?

What the Spring Valley Democratics need to do is to vote their conscientious for a man who can and will actually represent their interests which include fair housing, not getting crowded out by overdevelopment, and being kept informed of Town decisions which affect them. Weber has been actively attending and supporting CUPON Rockland and attending monthly meetings in Hillcrest and is one of the nicest, most respectful and least hateful men you will ever meet. This is one of the sneakiest ads and just proves again that the only way the powers in the Town of Ramapo can maintain their power is to focus on dividing us.

Spring Valley Voters: Don’t be divided by party politics!
Vote for a united common goal, to bring sanity and honesty back to Ramapo Town Hall! Vote William Weber on Row B or Row H! 

New Square/Kaser: Ultra Orthodox

Friends of Bill Weber submitted an a positive unbiased ad to the Monsey Community Connections to reach out to the orthodox and ultra orthodox communities that read the weekly magazine because Weber he is running on a platform of inclusiveness across Ramapo. Weber is calling on all residents tired of the current administration to vote for a truly independent candidate committed to representing all residents of Ramapo by focusing on the fair implementation of Town Code and more detailed analysis and management of Town Finances and promising to actually keep people informed.

The magazine owner chose to not run the ad without any comment or notice but did run 9 pages of p170-rossman-scroll-thumbads for Friends of Michael Rossman aimed at the Ultra Orthodox (written in Yiddish). The only English portions of the ads for the Modern Orthodox to read are false allusions that Weber is somehow a Preserve Ramapo candidate – which he is not.

For many years the Preserve Ramapo group has become more of a Political Force in Ramapo and every year in the week before the election the bogeyman stories are published about Preserve Ramapo attacking the ultra orthodox. This year the ads tell of Preserve Ramapo plotting against the ultra orthodox along with Ed Day and that the FBI are being used solely to attack politicians trying to help the ultra orthodox.

It doesn’t matter that Weber is not a Preserve Ramapo candidate, that he is a good man, with a clean record, they have nothing to pin on him except guilt by association and in this case even the association is false.

Ultra Orthodox Voters: Don’t believe all the bogeyman stories!
No one man can take over Town Hall, but an honest and qualified man can make positive changes for everyone. Vote William Weber on Row B!

Western and Northern Ramapo: Suffern, Hillburn, Airmont, Montebello, Pomona, New Hempstead and Wesley Hills

In Western and Northern Ramapo, how has Friends of Rossman reached out? Just some last minute lawn signs to make sure that those voting straight along Row A don’t hit a name recognition problem when they see Rossman’s name on the ticket.

The Town of Ramapo has not respected the Village areas in the west and the north and has rezoned properties like the Nike property along Grandview, and the Patrick Farm along 202, and the Ballpark on old Pomona road introducing unwelcome change to the most beautiful areas of Ramapo. The same engineers who worked on these project and the developers that bought the old Matterhorn property are backing the Friends of Rossman.

Those that invested in the lower rural areas of Western and Northern Ramapo want our investments protected. We want a qualified professional behind the closed doors of the Town of Ramapo to tell us what’s really going on. We want to know when Town decisions are going to affect our homes.

The Friends of Rossman are not sending you postcards and ads because they don’t want you to come out and vote.  They don’t want to remind anyone to vote but we want to remind everyone to vote.  Its time to unite across all of Ramapo for decency, honesty, competence and independence.

Suffern/Hillburn/Airmont/Montebello/Wesley Hills: We love our villages and we want the Town of Ramapo to respect our lower density and love for trees and fresh water, and desire for lower taxes.  Vote for a qualified professional willing to wade into the quagmire of Town Hall to help finally sort things out! Vote William Weber on Row B or Row H!